The drums beat, echoing the pounding hearts of the soldiers. Across the rolling field lines of red begin to appear. Smoke blossoms from the muzzles of rifles. It begins. . .

We invite you on a journey back to a time when a young nation was fighting for its very survival. Join us as we fight for this new Republic, defending family and home from the ravages of enemy forces.

Rifles flag

This site focuses on the U.S. Regiment of Riflemen during the War of 1812. The historical re-enactment group “1st Regiment of Riflemen, Gower’s Company” manages this site, providing general information on Riflemen during the War of 1812 as well as providing information specific to Gower’s Company, such as calendar events and uniform specifics.

We’re glad you found our site and hope to find it informative and historically thought provoking. We invite you to explore the site and visit us at an event. Online or at an event, we welcome your questions and input.